• Love the ability to build and see how these [manipulatives] work. Love the thought put into the materials.
    — Workshop Participant
  • Great investigation for students. I can just hear the good math dialogue.
    — Workshop Participant
  • Your presentation yesterday morning...has, in retrospect, proven to be the high point of the conference....Your talk yesterday tied up all sorts of loose ends for me: I know see how I've been missing the jump between the concrete (which I get, and have little trouble with) and the abstract. The middle step of the representational/pictorial is something I've only recently been exposed to ...and I now see why it's as important as it is. It wold have taken much longer for me to make the connections without having heard your talk, and I'm most grateful.
    — High School Algebra Teacher
  • This was great!! I was furiously taking notes so I can go back and use this info in my room! Thank you!
    — Webinar Participant