Building Teach Confidence Through Collaborative Engagement.


To learn mathematics successfully, students must experience a variety of representations and use their conceptual understanding to build procedural skill.  To support this, teachers must be confident in their knowledge of mathematics, competent in a variety of instructional strategies, and collaborate, with students and each other, to support rigorous learning.


Professional Development

Research-Based Strategies

Standards in Action

Workshops, Coaching & Demos

  • Thank you for helping us create thinkers, rather than memorizers.
    — Fourth Grade Teacher
  • I enjoyed the technology and the great manipulative connections.
    — Workshop Participant
  • Thank you for demonstrating how critical it is for our students to understand the area model and how to use the tools of algebra to help reinforce the concepts taught. It was very informative & enlightening to sit in your session!
    — High School Algebra Teacher
  • This was awesome! I do not have a math mind, so this helped me think in different ways.
    — Webinar Participant

Sara Delano Moore

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