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Putting Manipulatives to Work

Join the Building Understanding in Mathematics community at to view the archive of this webinar series.  The community archive includes more than 50 webinars supporting the use of hands-on instruction in mathematics. 

Series Description: Schools and teachers often find manipulatives gathering dust in the back of a closet.  Our Summer 2016 series will be an opportunity to explore new uses for familiar manipulatives as well as learn about new tools to add to your toolkit. 

Session 1: Putting Manipulatives to Work Developing Place Value Concepts K-5: Rekenreks, Base Ten Blocks, and Place Value Chips (live broadcast 21 June 2016)

Session 2: Putting Manipulatives to Work Developing Fraction Sense in Grades 3-6: Fraction Circles, Fraction Tiles, Fraction Towers, and Number Lines (live broadcast 19 July 2016)

Session 3: Putting Manipulatives to Work Developing Algebra Understanding and Skills in Grades 6-9: Algebra Tiles and Algeblocks (live broadcast 9 August 2016)