Beginning to Blog

My best thinking has always been done in connection with teachers, students, and classrooms.  Sometimes that happens at schools and in classrooms, other times at conferences, and other times during webinars.  I want to expand those conversations here to a blog as well.

My work has always focused on making mathematics make sense, for teachers and for students.  Manipulatives are one of my favorite tools, alongside deep understanding of the mathematics.  As the daughter of an English teacher, I also have a love of books.  As I plan the early stages of this blog, I see three components:

  • short series about teaching mathematics with manipulatives,
  • posts about picture books which support mathematics teaching and learning, and
  • a monthly collection of interesting links and thinking.

What would you like to see? Are there manipulatives you're curious about using?  Who are your favorite authors for teaching mathematics with picture books?  Are there topics of mathematics that you'd like to explore?  Please share your thoughts in the comments - that's how the conversation continues. 

Sara Delano MooreComment